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Carson Wentz Hands Off To Nick Foles Again

Wentz' fractured vertebrae leaves the team's playoff hopes in Foles' hands for the second year in a row.  With the Eagles’ season hanging in the...

Tom Brady Was The Goat In Super Bowl LII


Tom Brady was the goat in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Make sure you get it right. Goat, as in, had the misplay that essentially lost the game. Without question, Bradys crunch time fumble was the difference in the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 Super

Antonio Brown For MVP? You Damn Right.


Santana Moss said it best in 2000.

Big t

Celebrating 40 Years Of Earl Campbell’s Heisman Dominance


With college football set to honor the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner this weekend, we take a look back 40 years ago, when Earl Campbell became the first Texas Longhorn to win the prestigious award after leading his team to an undefeated regular season

The Giants Were Right To Bench Eli Manning ​


Eli Manning was going to have to hang em up eventually and we know the NFL is a business. After failing to make the playoffs in six of his final seven seasons and playing an amazing 210 consecutive games over a 14-year career that includes two Supe

Colin Kaepernick To The Kansas City Chiefs? Owner Clark Hunt Would Do It


First Michael Vick said he wanted to get into coaching, so Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid brought him in as a coaching intern. N

Tony Romo, True To Form, Fumbles With His Two Cents On Colin Kaepernick


Since this is a new week, that means one of two things. It's either time for the Knicks to find a new way to mess with your emotions or it's time for another weak perspective on the ongoing

With Perfect Career, Derek Jeter Deserves Perfect Hall of Fame Vote


Perfection is such a hard thing to achieve in sports.

Whether we're talking about a team or an individual, it's almost impossible.

Even so, it's mostly about a single season, a one-time event or one moment in time like a perfect game in

LeBron James Is More Larry Holmes Than Muhammad Ali


LeBron James is Larry Holmes.

Let's face it. Neither deserves much credit for beating lesser competition.

And before you trip and think it's a dis, it's not. The comparison is more true than not.

Holmes won his first 48 profes

DeShaun Watson’s Draft Snub Is A Blessing 


The drafting of Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer is very telling. As a huge Fighting Irish fan, I watched every one of Kizers games and the only thing I saw in his brief time at the university is the same thing the Browns drafted him on -- potential.