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Serena Williams ‘Devastated and Shocked’ Over The Disappearance Of Fellow Player Peng Shuai

Twenty-three-time Grand Slam singles tennis champion Serena Williams sent a tweet out on Thursday, Nov. 18, that expressed concerns about the whereabouts of a...

Serena Williams Sets A New Record Off The Court | Rookie Card Auctions For...

This week, sports auction memorabilia has been on fire with record sales for iconic sports figures. Now Serena Williams has made a different kind of...

From Beat The Streets To Breaking Olympic Barriers | Tamyra Mensah-Stock Remains Black Magic...

I first met the living legend Tamyra Mensah-Stock -- the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling -- back in...

#ThanksObama: President Obama’s Hoops Hustle Was Undeniable 


A President has to be a leader for all people regardless of his personal ethnicity, race or beliefs. So, when deciding which President in your lifetime was the best POTUS, myriad factors are taken into account. A candidate's position on abortion, w

TSL Black History Month In Focus: Catana Starks


This is part of The Shadow League's Black History Mont

US Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Will Become First Woman To Play In NFL

USA Women's soccer star Carli Lloyd’s video of her nailing a 55-yard field goal at Eagles practice went viral last week. https://twitter.com/CarliLloyd/status/1164280569422929921 Loyd, who has the...

Iran Guaranteeing Women Can Attend World Cup Qualifier Isn’t Enough

Soccer might be the Beautiful game, but it's global presence comes with some very ugly blemishes. Racism, sexism and ignorance remain in the sport, and...

Amanda Nunes Is The GWOAT So Why Are You Hating?

Mayo Twitter rejects the best because Nunes' not wrapped with a blonde ribbon in a white box. Amanda Nunes, to borrow a phrase coined by...

Applauding The Reggae Girlz World Cup Debut

The Jamaican women are a diamond in the rough that could really shine in the next World Cup cycle. There's nothing more disappointing than dropping...

USWNT Reunion: Team Members Of Color Through The Years

Before the US women's national soccer team beat Belgium in a 6-0 thriller, American fans had another reason to cheer. U.S. Soccer hosted the first...