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Versus: Jerry Rice vs. Randy Moss


Jerry Rice vs. Randy Moss

If you had to pick one wide receiver as your passing game's main weapon, who would it be?

We recently brought the argument out of the barbershop and into our Madison Avenue offices. Shadow

Versus: Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana


Joe Montana Vs. Tom Brady

If you had to pick one to quarterback your championship squad, who would it be?

We recently brought the argument out of the barbershop and into our Madison Avenue offices. Shadow Leagu

You’re Damn Right White America Is Scared of Cam Newton


Earlier today, I heard some morons with a microphone who get paid to spew verbal diarrhea on sports talk radio castigating Cam Newton for his recent comments. You know which ones, when he told a Charlotte Observer reporter yesterday, "I'm an Africa

The Rebirth of Larry Fitzgerald


The Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald, if we were to translate football years into human years, is about 137 years old. Well not really, but last year, when he only snagged two touchdown catches among his 63 receptions for 784 yards, most barbe

Julio Jones and his Wide Receiving Brethren Soar in Week 3


This weekends NFL action was highlighted by the leagues continuing aerial evolution.

Pro football was once the province of elite running backs, with teams basing their offensive attacks around guys like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, LaDani

Carolina Tells Cam Newton What Tupac Told Mama: “You Are Appreciated.”


Although his skills are unquestioned and his freakish 6-foot-5, 245-pound frame, speed and arm strength have incited more than a few awe-inspiring moments in his four-year tenure as Carolina Panthers QB, Cam Newton doesn't always get his props as a

The Red Rifle Andy Dalton Shot Himself In The Foot


Despite a lifeless showing in their 26-20 loss to Indianapolis on Monday, the Bengals’ low self-esteem and their bizarre “hey, the grass is always greener in the other cemetery” complacency won’t allow them to escape their a

Melo’s 20,000 Career Points Is Proof That He’s Still A Work In Progress


“In a ring with kings where bling is the thing

Man can’t sit comfortably or remain in the swing


TSL NFL Throwback Attack: Keith Byars, The Lemonade Man 


Keith Byars was a revolutionary NFL running back in the 80s, with a new-millineum skill set. He turned the traditional, gritty fullback position

The Wild and Wubbulous World of Eli Manning


Eli Manning has to be the most maligned two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback in NFL history. He’s the Rodney Dangerfield of Super Bowl MVPs.  The NFL season is once again upon us, and while many are specu