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Trump Hotel Shooter Previously Posted Tired Anti-Colin Kaepernick Meme


The man who barged into the Trump National Doral Resort firing shots previously posted a weak anti-Colin Kaepernick from a con

Tapes From NFL Meeting On Protests And Colin Kaepernick Released


When  team owners met with players at NFL headquarters last October, it was an unprecedented moment in history, nearly a month after

Adidas Should Sign Colin Kaepernick Even Without An NFL Deal


Athletic shoe and apparel maker Adidas recently announced that it would be willing to give Colin Kaepernick an endorsement contract if he were signed

Colin Kaepernick Is A True Champion of Change


According to Newtons Third Law, for each action there exists an equal but opposite reaction.  When Muhammad Ali spoke out against the Vietnam War, the

Richie Incognito Still Has An NFL Job, While Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t


If I never had to write about Richie Incognito ever again, it would be too soon. The first time I was tasked with filling a white space with words about this meat-head was back in 2013 when his habits were widely publicized in light of the then-con

Colin Kaepernick Breaks His Silence


While accepting the American Civil Liberties Unions Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award this weekend, Colin Kaepernick spoke loudly and clearly, saying, We must confront systemic oppression as a doctor would a disease. You identify it, you call

Colin Kaepernick Given Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award


As the NFL and its enablers continue to deny Colin Kaepernick employment due to his career-sacrificing stance on police brutality and institutional racism, society-at-large keeps affirming that his actions are truly in-line with the values that we

Colin Kaepernick Has Been Named GQ’S Citizen Of The Year


Colin Kaepernick has been in the sports, and national, headlines for over a year now, being both loved and hated by millions.