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Bulls Prove Their Ineptitude With Handling Of Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker has been benched by his hometown Chicago Bulls, which speaks more to the franchise's ineptitude than the 23 year old's weaknesses.   Jabari Parker was...

Heavyweight Bout Between Bulls’ Bigs Leaves Team Lacking Size Upfront


Yesterday it was widely reported that Chicago Bulls power forward/center Bobby Portis punched his teammate Nikola Mirotic in the grill so hard that it fractured his face, requiring a visit to a local hospital.  

The two ware allegedly in

Steph and Golden State Match Bulls For Most Wins Over Three-Year Span


Steph Curry has won back-to-back MVPs and an NBA championship over the past three seasons. He has been the NBAs best player during that period. Hes also had one of the greatest three-year runs of any player in history as well.

People forget

Dwyane Wade Beats LeBron And Boosts Chicago 


Dwyane Wade has been on a hot streak on and off the court.

Still gloating from winning a World Series b

Chicago’s Derrick Rose Traded To The Knicks


The Shadow League's J.R. Gamble talked about the swirling Derrick Rose trade rumors a few days ago. It seems as though those rumo

Chicago Hoops Legends Coping With The Loss Of The Playground Oasis 


For a lot of people in Chicagos inner city, disposable income is at a premium.

To make up the difference, instead of taking their kids to see the pro sports team such as the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, or White Sox in person, they took them to se

The ’85 Bears: What They Mean To Chicago


The people in Chicago have seen most of their local sports teams win a least one championship.

It may sound crazy to outsiders, but the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls teams that won six championships and the recent run made by the Blackhaw

Chicago’s Jimmy Butler Continues to Soar


Jimmy Butler scored a career-high 53 points in a 115-111 overtime win against the Philadelphia 76ers last night as both Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose sat out with injuries. Butler also had 10 rebounds and six assists, and



To say the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers are standing on common ground is accurate. On Friday, a former League MVP named Derrick Rose hit a jumper at the buzzer to win the game and give the Bulls a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Con

Bulls Point Guard Platoon Has Numbers On John Wall


During his final two full seasons as the Chicago Bulls starting point guard Derrick Rose was second and third in NBA usage rate, an advanced statistic which estimates the percentage of team players used by a player while he’s on the floo