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Jay-Z Looking To Sign Teddy Bridgewater To Roc Nation


Teddy Bridgewater's days as an amateur appear to be ending, which means he must hire an agent to guide him through the business aspect of his pro career.  National Football Post.com is reporting that Bridgewater has had discussions with Ja

TSL Top Ten: Teddy Bridgewater Has Pavlov’s Dogs Barking – #6


Leading up to the 2013 college football season, the gazes of prognosticators and analysts were transfixed on two prospects, Teddy Bridgewater and Jadeveon Clowney. Bridgewater was considered the favorite signal calling prospect of pro scouts an

NFL Scouts May Want To Cool Their Jets Concerning Teddy Bridgewater


Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t possess the glitz and glamor of recent elite quarterback prospects. Although, Bridgewater can make an assortment of throws, Louisville deployed a meat and potatoes pwer run offense.

One of the glaring statist

Here Lies Teddy Bridgewater’s Heisman Candidacy


Teddy Bridgewater’s Heisman candidacy was born Jan. 2, 2013 against the Florida Gators defense inside the Mercedez-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. It was an unexpected delivery, but on that night a gloved Bridgewater gave the Gators heralded d

Louisville’s Defense Stole Teddy Bridgewater’s Thunder


Teddy Bridgewater's performance would usually be the takeaway from a blowout Louisville win over FIU. Bridgewater did his thing. He threw for a meek 212 yards, slapping on an extra four touchdowns for good measure in Louisville's 72-0 win.

When Brett Hundley And Teddy Bridgewater Woke Up, It Was Game Over


It took awhile for Heisman contenders Teddy Bridgewater and Brett Hundley to wake up from the midday haze of their noon kickoffs, which see

We Found Proof That Teddy Bridgewater Isn’t Perfect


Teddy Bridgewater seems like the perfect prospect. He's a football nerd with ideal measurables and he's humble. Bridgewater d

Teddy Bridgewater Is Another First For Black QBs 


The black quarterback has traversed a difficult path through murky NFL waters over the past half-century. There was a time not too long ago when NFL cognoscenti doubted the ability of black quarterbacks to handle the complexities of being the CEO o

Teddy Bridgewater Grabs A $10 Million Insurance Policy


Teddy Bridgewater enters 2013 as one of the top Heisman candidates, riding a huge wave of momentum from Lousiville's demolition of Florida in the Sugar Bowl to a likely first-round draft pick in 2014. 

Before the season, Bridgewate

Teddy B’s Willingness To Sit Behind Drew Brees Is A Gamble Worth Taking

Teddy Bridgewater sits now in hopes of ruling Who Dat Nation later. The Teddy Bridgewater saga continues and a full season after returning from a...