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WATCH: Brady And Gronk Shade The Haters Again With New IG Video

Tom Brady strikes again on IG. After the Patriots beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, Brady and Gronk took to IG to let...

Mike Tomlin Continues To Win | Delusional Steelers Fans Want Him Replaced

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is in his comfort zone navigating his team through close games like Sunday’s season-opening win at Buffalo. The head...

Minnesota Vikings Tab Martin Nance For Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer Gig

The Minnesota Vikings have jumped on the NFL’s front office diversity train, hiring former NFL wide receiver Martin Nance as the team's Executive Vice...

Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Is Elite: It’s Been Proven

When people are seeing something remarkable for the first time, something they aren't familiar with, they have a tendency to discredit it. And miss...

Top 5 Black Coaches In NFL History


This is part of The Shadow League's Black History Month In Focus series celebrating

The TI vs Mayweather Gucci Debate

TI and Mayweather shoot barbs and valid points are made on both sides. Entertainer and hip hop impresario T.I. reignited an old beef with Floyd Mayweather last...

Julian Edelman And The NFL’s Warped Values

When it comes down to issues that truly matter the most, the NFL dropped the ball long ago and they refuse to do the...

Atlanta’s NFL Profile Owes A Huge Debt To Deion Sanders

As we celebrate Atlanta in all of its splendor, it's time reflect on Deion Sanders and what he meant to the city, the NFL...

Muhammad Ali, Colin Kaepernick And Civil Rights Suppression In Atlanta

Two storylines, one Super Bowl, and Atlanta's biggest elephant. It was April 28th, 1967. World heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted by the...

Centennial Olympic Park Bombing: A Warning Shot From The Alt-Right We Never Knew

Although "omitted", there's a reason why Eric Rudolph committed terrorist acts in the Black southern cities of Atlanta and Birmingham. It's easy to get caught...