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Baseball Meets Wakanda For Oakland Black Panther Bobblehead Day


The legend of the Black Panther movie that

Okoye And W’Kabi’s Chemistry Is On Fuel Display In Deleted BP Scene


Once upon a time, people believed that science fiction films were devoid of powerful acting. That time, though, is now long gone.  No series of sci-fi films has ever hammered this proverbial nail quite like the offerings of the Marvel Cinemati

Black Panther Unseats Titanic As Third-Highest Grossing U.S. Film Ever


As so it continues, Black Panther, a science fiction film directed by

For The Culture And For The Profit: Black Panther Reigns Supreme


The world is still riding the concussive wave that was unloaded when Black Panther struck the very bedrock of Hollywoods long-held, yet senseless

Searching For Wakanda In A Toxic Land


For as long as there has been cinema, black people have longed to see themselves represented in a respectable manner on the big screen. For decades, every organization that has fought for human rights for black people has cried out for the need for

Disney Donates $1 Million of Black Panther Proceeds To STEM Programs


Black folks from the inner cities took their kids in droves to see "Black Panther" and

Black Superheroes Are Second To None, But It Wasn’t Always That Way


Comic book films are all the rage. However, as the case with any phenomenon in which the mainstream first treads, Black and Brown characters have been relatively slow to get that love.  

Sure, we all can point to the overwhelming success

MLK NOW 2017: Taking Back Martin Luther King Day


With the creation of the King Monument on the National Mall in Washington DC, the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is now permanently chiseled into the granite face of the American experiment. That is a very big deal considering that he was d

Luke Cage’s Unapologetic And Certified Blackness


Back in 2013, we learned that Luke Cage would be the third of a four-part effort from Marvel Studios and Netflix. After the success of "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones", one could not help but salivate at the thought of the hero from the hood finally

The True Enemy of Black Panther and Wonder Woman


The Marvel Studios film Captain America: Civil War had an extraordinary burden: to introduce Marvel Comics African superhero, The Black Panther, to the world in exemplary fashion.

Actor Chadwick Boseman had to take that on his shoulders as