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Tony Revolori, Spider-Man: Homecoming’s All-New, All-Different Flash


Yes, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the greatest Spider-Man film adaptation of all-time, but did you know that it's easily the most ethnically diverse Spidey Remix's off all-time as well? Well if you've seen the movie then that's no bi

Robert Downey Jr on Spider-Man: “It Was an Inspired Reinvention”


Since the very first Iron Man, for which Robert Downey Jr was perfectly cast, the veteran actor, who has starred in some of Generation Xs favorite film and television offerings, has been the tendon holding the Marvel Cinematic Universe together for

Zendaya is Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Deal With It!


Around August of 2016 it was announced that actress Zendaya Coleman would be playing the role of Michelle aka MJ in the upcoming Marvel Studios/Sony collaborative effort Spider-Man: Homecoming. For many, it was a reason to rejoice.   

Celebrating 15 Years Of Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man”


The Spider-Man movie directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire celebrates its 15th anniversary today.

At the time I believed it was the best comic book movie that I had ever seen from an acting and casting perspective. Raimi

TSL Comic Book Convo: Civil War II #7


Back in June, The Shadow League published my review of Marvel's Civil War II. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork from David Marquez and Justin Ponder, it was apparent from that first issue that this was going to be one of those sequels t

Eye on Film: Captain America: Civil War


Going into Marvels Captain America: Civil War, most of the free world already knew they would be following some semblance of the storyline laid out in Marvel Civil War comic book miniseries (2006). Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russ

For CC Sabathia, Life Comes First And The Playoffs Can Wait


The timing couldn't be worse.

On the eve of the New York Yankees' Wild Card playoff game against the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night, CC Sabathia dropped a bombshell.

The team announced that Sabathia, the veteran l

TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: The Top 20 Illest Black Superheroes of All-Time (The...


We return with the final installment of our recent series of the Top 20 Illest Black Superheroes of All-Time with the final ten choices (in case you missed it, here are

TSL Comic Book Convo Remembers:The First X-Men Film 15 Years Later


Oh these days of comic book film adaptions are something of a treat for those at the top half of Generation X. Ya know, those fast aging comic book heads who dared imagine the current landscape in which film after comic book based film is released