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Black Power Doesn’t Get Much Blacker Than Air Jordan


To many, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. As a global figure, he was placed in a pantheon of individuals who transcended their respective athletic pursuits and there were many from similar backgrounds with which his off

Jordan vs. The Trailblazers; A Look Back At “The Shrug” Of The 1992 NBA...


In NBA playoff history, there are moments that are deemed as being iconic.

The greats of the game are revered for their playoff exploits, where one game or one performance can be branded in our minds for the rest of our lives; so m

Jay Z Thinks Robinson Cano Is The Next Michael Jordan


I can deal with Jay Z’s hyperbole and exaggerative rap tone. It’s part of the game. Hip-hop music is based on competition, flair, skill and embellishment. When you own a modest two-family house, you say “I ‘m lampin’ i

While You Were Working: JJ Redick and Jordan Crawford on the Move


The biggest news of the trade deadline so far: JJ Redick is on the move to Milwaukee, and Sebastian Telfair heads to Toronto.


New Trailer For “Creed II” Has Us Ready To Fight Right Now


When the first "Creed" was announced, many had their doubts. Why did we need another Rocky movie? Why would anyone care about Creed? Michael B. Jordan as a boxer? Well after seeing it, those questions were dismissed with deadly force and it became

The Academy Keeps Dreaming of a White Oscars


2015 was a pretty good year for black films and quality black performances as well. From Will Smith's performance in Concussion, Idris Elba in Beasts of No Nation, Michael B. Jordan in Creed and the marvelo

Steph Curry Documentary Directed By Ryan Coogler In The Works

Movies about basketball players are all over the place. On one hand, yes, they can be  Looney Tunes versions done just for cash grabs....

Black History Month In Focus: From Sidney Poitier To Mahershala Ali

Sidney Poitier is the Gold Standard for every black male actor who has come after him, and you can see threads of his influence in each of his aspiring predecessors.

Denzel Washington Turns 66

Denzel is one of the greatest of all time and deserves each and every one of these words of praise. Oftentimes there comes an entertainment...

NBA Together Discusses Threat of COVID-19 On Incarcerated Community 

The NBA continues the "NBA Together Virtual Roundtable Series" with its second discussion that features Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative...