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Eric Reid, The Last Disciple Finally Gets To Eat

The blackballing of  All-pro safety Eric Reid has "officially" ended with the three-year deal he signed with the Carolina Panthers on Monday. Jesus was crucified...

Colin Kaepernick’s Bravery Not Forgotten During NFL Playoffs

Kaepernick's name is like a forbidden curse word in locker rooms and TV broadcasts, but he's still loved by his NFL brothers. It has been...

NFL Announces Creation Of The ‘Inspire Change’ Initiative

While the NFL owner elite may not be invited to the cookout anytime soon, the new Inspire Change initiative is certainly a good place...

NFL, NFLPA Issues Statement On Eric Reid

"No evidence of targeting or any other impropriety with respect to his selection for testing." Safety, Eric Reid has had an interesting season. After leaving the...

Eric Reid Honors Colin Kaepernick On MNF With Custom Cleats

Eric Reid continues to honor the selfless imapct of  Colin Kaepernick despite being the NFL's public enemy No. 1.   Eric Reid payed a price for...

The Players Coalition, Eagles Bail 9 People Out Of Jail

The often criticized Players Coalition helped nine former inmates breath a little easier during the holidays. One of the very first disclaimers used against those...

49ers Cheerleader Takes A Knee, Risking Her Job In Protest

49ers Cheerleader Takes A Knee, Risking Her Job In Protest. The Bay Area used to be a historic hotbed of progressive thought and relative tolerance...

Colin Kaepernick, Dave Chappelle Honored At Harvard University


Just when you thought life couldnt get any more redeeming for Colin Kaepernick, Harvard University will honor him, along with legendary comedian Dave Chappelle and eight others who will receive the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal for their contribution to Afr

The Philadelphia Eagles Have Always Been The Blackest Team In The NFL


The Philadelphia Eagles have long been considered one of the "blackest" teams in the National Football League. However, back then it was due to the colorful personalitie

Tiger Woods Isn’t One For Discussions On Race So Please Stop Reaching


Everyone knows the old saying about trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. This saying exemplifies the efforts by the media to try and engage