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Where Does Uncle Drew Rank Among The Greatest Fictional Ballers?


We first began hearing about the legend of Uncle Drew six years ago. 

The Warriors Trump LeBron James – Again


LOS ANGELES - Well, that didnt take long.

There wasnt even enough time to clean up the confetti here in Los Angeles.

Oh yes. There was a Hollywood-style party going on,

15 Years Later, The 2003 NBA Draft Class Has Proven To Be Legendary


Today is the 15th anniversary of one of the greatest NBA Draft classes the league has ever seen. Of the six active players remaining from the

3 NBA 2018 Draft Sleeper Picks That Are Worth The Risk


The NBA Draft is usually clear-cut when separating the top players from the pack, but there are alw

Ya’ll Still Mad At Kevin Durant For Leaving Oklahoma City?


I need help. Last July, there were many folks out there who defecated on themselves, soiling their pampers publicly when Kevin Durant announced his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. They yelled, screamed and

Greg Marius, NYC Playground Hoops Visionary, Passes Away


I just received word a few hours ago that my man Greg Marius, the founder of Rucker Park's Entertainer's Basketball Classic, passed away today after a long battle with cancer. He was 59 years old.

It's a devastating loss to New York City's gr

Phil Jackson Comes Off Lame 


This one of those stories where your first reaction might be 'Damn, I know Phil Jackson ain't a racist, is he?'

Phil was the man who got the best out of Michael Jordan, coaching the NBA's greatest player of all-time, and Scottie Pippen, argu

2016-17 NBA Preview: The Southwest Is Still San Antonio’s To Lose 


As we approach the opening tip of the 2016-17 NBA regular season, The Shadow League looks at every one of the leagues six divisions and the players who will make this year an unforgettable one. Today, we examine the division with a team that

Steph Curry Is Not The Best Player In The NBA


This is not built on hate. Let's begin right there.

Stephen Curry's brilliance is mind-boggling. His 51 points and 10 three-pointers last night left even the most seasoned NBA connoisseurs scratching their heads for the umpteenth time over th

Versus: Allen Iverson vs. Steph Curry


Allen Iverson or Steph Curry? If you could only pick one to run your squad, who would it be?

We recently brought the argument out of the barbershop and into our Madison Avenue offices. Shadow League All-Stars 1234...6Page 3 of 6