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Cam Newton Is Forced To Go To War With No Weapons


You wonder sometimes about the Carolina Panthers franchise. For all of the flack that Cam Newton has accumulated lately from a highly judgemental social media culture as he walks a scorching hot maze of political correctness while being bashed as a

Cam Newton and Russell Wilson Are Moving In Opposite Directions


Cam Newton gets the headlines. Russell Wilson gets the job done. They have both lost Super Bowls, but Wilson also became the second African-American quarterback to win one in 2014. 

Cam Newton Issues Apology For Sexist Remark


Cam Newton has been roasted over the last two days for his foolish and sexist reaction to

Cam Newton Showed Out And It Definitely Wasn’t A Laughing Matter


So apparently Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, finds it funny when a "female talk about routes." He made this revelation to Jourdan Rodrigue, a sports journalist for the Charlotte Observer who covers the Panthers and the woman who asked Cam the qu

Cam Newton On If Colin Kaepernick Should Be On A Roster- “Absolutely”


The saga around Colin Kaepernick continues, and now it's reached North Carolina.

When asked about whether Colin Kaepernick deserves to be on an NFL roster and if he's better than a lot of other QBs in the League, Cam didn't hesitate. "Absolut

Andrew Luck and Cam Newton May Be Damaged Goods


Andrew Luck and Cam Newton were supposed to battle it out over the next 10 seasons for sole possession of the title as Face of the NFL.  Both had rookie seasons to die for and

Cam Newton To Undergo Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery


Carolina Panthers star Cam Newton, anointed the new QB prototype in the form of an invincibly-sculptured NFL freight train with missile-launching c

Cam Newton and Supermodel Miranda Kerr Do Buick Super Bowl Commercial


Cam Newton had a rough year on the football field, but despite the vicious hits he took while enduring a losing season, his image and million dollar smile stayed in tact.

That tough man act he pulled this season, that almost got him decapita

Don’t Count Cam Newton Out Yet


Postpone Carolina's trip to the NFL morgue. The Panthers have a pulse.

Its a faint one, but they are alive and kicking no less. After putting the clamps on the Washington Redskins, another NFC squad with fleeting hopes of securing that final