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The Lakers Don’t Deserve To Make The Playoffs


“It’s not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will. And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone—Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver...whoever. I have zero nervousness about that.” -– Kobe Bryant to

Playoffs? The Lakers Are In Big Trouble


The LA Lakers lost, again, to the Houston Rockets, 125-112. That's their fourth loss in a row and their fifth loss out of six games

Weekend in Tweets: 12.3.12


UGA and Alabama played in an epic battle. The SEC championship game more than surpassed the hype and showed why it’s the only conference title game that matters. The Falcons, Broncos and Patriots all clinched their divisions while the Texan

TSL’s 5-On-5: But Can He Coach, Though?


Coach firings and hirings have driven the NBA news cycle for the past few days. We dig in...

QUESTION 1: What separates a good (or even really good) coach from a "championship-caliber" coach?<

The Nickel: Week 9


Editor’s note: It’s Monday, which means it’s go time around these parts. We rounded up the best of the best from our roster (Brandon Scott, Nubyjas Wilborn, J.C. Gamble, Maurice Bobb and editor Khalid Salaam) to talk about S

Good Morning: 11.1.12




After dropping 37 points and 12 dimes in his debut,

The Dime: Week 5


1. “People Askin’ Questions”: That’s TSL editor Khalid Salaam’s favorite phrase to use when he’s lobbing reckless rumors in the air and he wants to buttress his incredulity with a make-believe

MLB Playoff Preview: Who’s Getting To The Series?


And then there were eight teams left in the

Good Morning: 10.03.12



Today, baseball season cranks the heat up as the playoffs approach, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey exchange hostile words, President Obama prepares for his debate against Mitt Romney and new Kid Cudi.