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Team Footprintz: New York City Basketball’s Secret Weapon,  Part I


If you take those Dr. Dre headphones off for a minute, you can hear another soundtrack of the streets emitting from behind a steel door leading to the gym entrance of August Martin High School in South Jamaica Queens,

Phil Jackson Is Reportedly Already Becoming A Product Of His Knicks Environment 


Over the past 15 years, the New York Knicks front office has been a high-priced circus with various characters leading the mockery by signing players no one else wanted and making trades that defied logic at times

In Case You Missed It, The MLB Season Started In The Land Down Under


Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw proved that the $215 million worth of U.S. currency that Magic Johnson & Co. gave him is universal. Kershaw won the MLB season-opening game of a doubleheader on Saturday night at Sydney

All-Star Weekend 2014: Hoops Was A Distraction From The Real Entertainment


Saturday night

8:15 pm - The night tipped off with a preview of Charles Barkley's White House discussion with President Obama. Adam Silver should count his lucky stars. If David Stern had left office th

Pistons Bounce Mo Cheeks After 50 Games


Maurice Cheeks had a 15-year pro career as a top notch point guard, but his latest coaching gig with the stagnant Detroit Pistons lasted just 50 games. It marked the fifth-shortest stint in the last 25 seasons for an N

Meet Russell Wilson, Texas Rangers Second Baseman?


The ever-evolving dopeness and cultural game-changing exploits of Russell Wilson didn’t end with his 43-8 Super Bowl blowout of the vaunted Denver Broncos. Now that the football season is over Wilson, 

The Fans Have Spoken: Dwight Howard’s Act Is Up


The bearded wonder James Harden has a legit beef with being left off the Western Conference startin

Urban Legend: David “UNK” Huie



In an exclusive interview with The Shadow League, David “UNK” Huie likens the early days of growing his humble, NBA-inspired, hat-hustle from his cramped Queens basement to the ri