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While You Were Working: Ray Lewis Spoke About Aaron Hernandez


Ray Lewis spoke about Aaron Hernandez with SI. Read the full discussion of his role with ESPN here.

“What you are comfortable with

Air Force 1 Forever, Part 1 (The Genesis)


In the book SHOES (Workman Publishing), Linda O’Keeffe writes, “Shoes not only reflect social history, they are a personal record of our

NBA Top Ten: Can Any Of These Squads Keep The Heat From Coming Back...


NBA free agency has run its course for the summer of 2013 and the NBA’s upper crust is pretty much set. It’s time for all the high rollers to put their chips down for the early 2014 championship contenders. The West is still strong, but

Good Morning: Jason Kidd Picked Up a T In His Coaching Debut


Phil Jackson had some thoughts on Dwight Howard signing with the "Astros," while Shaq chimed in with some thoughts on the "littl

2013 Draft Class Forecasts: Ballers or Busts?


The 2013 NBA Draft hit some epic highs for entertainment. Anthony Bennett came out of nowhere for the most stunning No. 1 pick in recent memory. Nerlens Noel slid out of the top 5. David Stern, in final draft before retiring, hit his “ch

2013 NBA Draft Preview: Otto Porter Jr. Is An Impact Player, But Does He...


Otto Porter Jr. once put up 28 points and 35 rebounds in a state championship game back in high school. Porter's got the kind of skills and versatility that can stuff the stat sheet if so moved, but he leaves an imprint on the game that's n

Good Morning: Freddie Freeman Came To The Rescue For Atlanta 


Freddie Freeman's two-run homer in the ninth inning gave the Braves a walk-off win late Monday

LA Pro Sports Needs A Return From Zombie Status


Tupac Shakur had a joint called, “To Live and Die in L.A.” on his final album before his death in ’96 called The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.

The chorus went like this:

“To live and die in

Good Morning: Phil Jackson Was Hired By The Pistons (To Find Them A New...


Phil Jackson was hired by the Detroit Pistons to aid their coaching search. He doesn&#

While You Were Working: LeBron James Made His Teammates Do Pushups


LeBron James made his teammates, Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers, do push ups after beating them in a shooting contest.