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Good Morning: Tony Romo Continues Setting Records in November


Tony Romo set a record for touchdown passes on Thanksgiving with his 18th score on Turkey Day, leading the Dallas Cowboys over the Oakland Raiders 31-24. Of cours

Giants Rise From The Dead


East Rutherford —When tides turn, the haters burn, and the NY Giants are scorching cats to a third degree for co

Cover 3, Week 10: Colin Kaepernick And Green Bay’s Backup QBs, What’s The Difference...


1. Is Colin Kaepernick to blame for his stinker against the Panthers or does Carolina's defense deserve more credit?

JAMES CARR: Colin Kaepernick as now been the starting QB in the NFL for about a

The Dime: Week 9


1. Richie Incognito - All I have is questions. The disgusting voicemail was recorded in April, so why did this take so long to come to the light? How long has this been going on? How can an adult male allow himself to be

Green Bay Packers Went From An Opulent Offense To Government Cheese


On Monday night the Green Bay Packers learned in painful fashion why adaptable backup quarterbacks are a more valuable commodity in today’s NFL than

Good Morning: Steph Curry and A.I. Are Getting Busy


Looks like Andre Iguodala is setting in to Golden State just fine, as he and Steph Curry, who racked up a triple-doubl

Case Keenum Doesn’t Mind Passing The Blunt   


Two games ago, the Houston Texans were floundering offensively, and QB Matt Schaub was in the midst of a fall from grace that rivals former New York

Peyton Hillis Is The Great White Hope In A Dark Giants Season 


The Giants won two Super Bowls in the past six years. To the surprise of most of the football world, they started this season 0-6. It was a swift and precipitous fall f