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Ivy League Hoops: Ahead Of The Curve In Coaching Diversity


Quick trivia question – which Division I men’s basketball conference, other than those that oversee the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities like the MEAC and the SWAC, currently has the country’s highest co

Shadow League All-Stars NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions


Last week Phife Dawg stood alone as the only hip-hop legend on the Shadow League All-Star's NFL Playoff panel, joining 6Magazine CEO Rich Boadu and TSL staff members Da Gambler, DJ Dunson and Ricardo

Cover 3, Week 17: Misery Has Company


1. Who is your Non-Peyton Manning MVP pick for the 2013 season?

RICHARD BOADU: It's got to be Tom Brady. Sure, Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy both had great seasons. Yes, I'm fully aware that Cam Newto

NFL Defenses Beware: The Chip Kelly Era Is In Full Effect


 Who would have thought that Chip Kelly's greatest gift as an NFL rookie coach would be losing Michael Vick to injury

DeMarco Murray Skinned Washington And Set Up Groundhog Day In Big D


Early on Saturday morning, NFL Network league insider Ian Rapoport tossed a grenade into a war zone by reporting from a source that the professional relationship between Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray was

Nick Foles: Sling That Funky Spiral, White Boy!


Ok, I have to admit. I didn't really want Nick Foles to be a success in Philadelphia. Matter of fact, I didn't think he had it in him. But as the wins continue to pile high, only a fool would continue to

Robert Griffin III’s Knee Is Fine, Now It’s Time To Reconstruct The ‘Skins Roster


The swirling winds and frigid temperatures inside of Fed Ex Field on Monday night teetered near the freezing point. However, the thermometer couldn’t capture how cold Robert Griffin III was from the pocket during San Francisco's 27-6 beat

Jon Bon Jovi Wants To Scoop Up The Buffalo Bills And Move Them To...


Don't ask how, but Jon Bon Jovi aka Kevin Bacon's musically-gifted doppleganger remains one of the highest-earning performers in the world. The 51-year-old rock star already owns the Arena Football League's Philadelphia Soul and reporte

Brown Men Throwin’: Black QBs Always Land Feet First In Minnesota 


Throughout NFL history, many black QBs have encountered obstacles preventing them from breaking into the league and hanging on long enough to realize their potential.

The majority surely received more quick hooks than second looks. While so