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Good Morning: Roy Hibbert’s Pressers Will Be Less Colorful Moving Forward


DeSean Jackson would like to sign with Roc Nation Sports.


Last week the Miami Ma

Not Everyone Finds Charles Ramsey Hilarious


As the internet ODs on Charles Ramsey, some folks have avoided the easy laughs and sheep-like inclination to join the fray with the mass-mocking.

Good Morning: The NFL Released It’s Schedule


The NFL released the full schedule for the 2013 season. Chip Kelly's Eagles open

The Takeover: Jay-Z 2.0 Is Set To Change The Game…Literally


To brag about his street-level business savvy, Jay-Z once chalked it up to a mere numbers game. “If Jeezy’s payin’ LeBron, I’m payin Dwyane Wade,” he breathed in coded language on “Empire State of Mind,”

Good Morning: Catch Up On The Madness


Gonzaga gave themselves a fright against Southern, but came away with a 64-58 win over the 16-seed.


D’Angelo Is Really Back – I Saw It With My Own Eyes


D’Angelo made what is, quite possibly, the best album of my adult-life. When Voodoo dropped in 2000, it split my head open. Black music had a remarkable (and sinisterly slept-on) run from about 1998 through 2002. But of all those c

Steve Stoute Wins Ad Age’s Executive Of The Year


Steve Stoute has been a major player in the business world since his days at Sony in the early '90s. He took that experience into the marketing world by creating his own company called Translation. His work in p

The KimYe Persecution Will Be Televised


The thing that makes the Kardashian name what it is in the subfield of reality television (and the super-field of celebrity life), actually has much more in common with what goes on in the theater district than on any sound stage. The theater exp

Azealia Banks Might Need To Shut Up



Azealia Banks is not the first artist to be a bit of a rabble-rouser, so it’s somewhat frustrating to see the reactions she garners over her ever-increasing number of public beefs. The latest involves fellow