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Google’s All Access Wants You To Lose Yourself In Music


Tim Quirk, the creator of Google Plays new All Access, a service that will allow users to stream music, around 18 million songs, similar to Spotify, is attempting to solve two timeless problems with music. The first,

The Weekend Made Them Do It: Kanye’s Got Beef With MTV And Anyone Else...


The following is a work of satire; meaning if you think this really happened you ate too much paste as a child.

“That scrapple-eating, Robin Thicke-biting son of a bitch,” a dramatic Kanye West yelled at the greatest

Why The NFL Conjures Slavery| What Colin Kaepernick Said Isn’t New Or Inaccurate


The debate over the comparison between the NFL and chattel slavery has been chewed up, swallowed, regurgitated, spit out and reconstituted as a midnight snack many times over the past few decades. The controversy dates back to the 1975 ending of

Good Morning: 12.7.12



No 'Melo, no problem for the Knicks. They stomped Miami 112-92 on the

The Next Episode



For any red-blooded man who enjoys the game of football and video games, the day Madden NFL hits the shelves is a holiday. Guys call in to work, cancel meetings, ignore girlfriends/wives and hit Wal-Mart at midnight like