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Any Given Saturday Recap, Week 14: Alabama Is Still Recovering From Auburn-Induced PTCD


(Disclaimer: Every week AGS Recap does a “What Had Happened Was” segment aimed at unfortunate or inexplicable weekend happenings. This one is personal)

I’m just going to come right out and kick the elephant out of

Mike Tomlin Can’t Cha-Cha Slide Away From Severe NFL Punishment


On Thanksgiving Day, I surveyed a group of people gathered around on this question: 'Who is the most interesting team in the NFL this season?" I heard Cowboys from one corner (too annually self-aggrandizing. And they try too hard.), Bronco

Robert Griffin III’s Knee Is Fine, Now It’s Time To Reconstruct The ‘Skins Roster


The swirling winds and frigid temperatures inside of Fed Ex Field on Monday night teetered near the freezing point. However, the thermometer couldn’t capture how cold Robert Griffin III was from the pocket during San Francisco's 27-6 beat

Jon Bon Jovi Wants To Scoop Up The Buffalo Bills And Move Them To...


Don't ask how, but Jon Bon Jovi aka Kevin Bacon's musically-gifted doppleganger remains one of the highest-earning performers in the world. The 51-year-old rock star already owns the Arena Football League's Philadelphia Soul and reporte

Any Given Saturday, Week 13: Ed Orgeron Is USC’s Rudy


USC’s coaching search was supposed to be as glamorous as a drive through Beverly Hills in a Rolls Royce. However, a gritty dark horse in a vintage muscle car has emerged recently. Ed Orgeron’s fixation with USC didn’t begin when h

Peyton Manning Knocks Chiefs Off Their Mile High Horse


Entering Sunday night’s sexy showdown with the Denver Broncos, Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs were the NFL’s only undefeated squad, but against Peyton Manning’s dominant aerial attitude in the higher altitude, KC fell victim

Cover 3, Week 11: Vincent Jackson Is Captain Save-A-Coach


1. The walking undead Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants are 4-6 after impressive wins on Sunday. Which team do you trust more to keep their reborn playoff hopes alive?

JAMES CARR: Definitely the G-Men

Say What? Brett Favre Discusses The Dangers of The NFL


Of all people.

There are many former NFL players who could have thrown a grenade onto a kid's dream of playing football. They could have talked about the danger of

Any Given Saturday Recap, Week 12: Duke Looks Like Texas And Texas Plays Like...


I Thought Auburn Was the Nation’s Best “Rushing” Offense? So What’s This I Hear About A Miraculous Pass?

Before facing UGA, in his last eight quarters of football, Nick Marshall had only attempted 15

Any Given Saturday, Week 12: Football In Florida Is In A Sad State of...


(Updated with audio from TSL Sports Talk's AGS segment built by The Home Depot)

Before Wednesday afternoon, Florida State was hogging all of the good football vibes in Florida this season. FAU gave Carl Pelini an e