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Liar, Liar: Cam v. Hochuli is More Than He Said, He Said


Carolina Panthers QB

Carolina Tells Cam Newton What Tupac Told Mama: “You Are Appreciated.”


Although his skills are unquestioned and his freakish 6-foot-5, 245-pound frame, speed and arm strength have incited more than a few awe-inspiring moments in his four-year tenure as Carolina Panthers QB, Cam Newton doesn't always get his props as a

Russell Wilson Is Legend Hunting And Looking For Panther Food 


The NFL’s Divisional Playoffs get lit on Saturday night with Black Knight QBs taking center stage in the second matchup at 8:15 pm on Fox.

Defending "Super Bowl Sire” Russell Wilson meet

According To Tony Dungy, Richie Incognito’s Red Flags Date Back To College


 Even before the revelations began pouring out of the Dolphins camp about Richie Incognito, there were concerns about the Dolphins lineman's character. Last season, In 2009, Incognito was waived by the Rams after getting into a sideline ar

Any Given Saturday Week 3: Mo Money, Mo Problems


Lane Kiffin and Mack Brown were once sitting on top of the world as the figures in charge of the two most nationally iconic programs in the nation. This week, they’re staring up at the gum on the bottom of their respective athletic director&r

’13 NFL Preview Part 1: Started From The Bottom And Staying There


(*Note: Our preview is broken up into four tiers for clarity and easy consumption. The teams below in tier 4, have no playoff expectations, but are hoping to field a respectable team. All would be ecstatic with a 7

2013 Draft Class Forecasts: Ballers or Busts?


The 2013 NBA Draft hit some epic highs for entertainment. Anthony Bennett came out of nowhere for the most stunning No. 1 pick in recent memory. Nerlens Noel slid out of the top 5. David Stern, in final draft before retiring, hit his “ch

While You Were Working: Tony Gonzalez Put Retirement On Hold


Big news for the Atlanta Falcons: Tony Gonzalez is putting off retirement for one more season.