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Is Jerry Reese The Most Slept On Exec In Sports?


The President is black. The top General Manager in the NFL is too. New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese, like Obama, is the Jackie Robinson of his gig. Obama was the first African-American

College Basketball Preview: John Calipari Is Changing The Game


As Orlando Antigua scans his computer screen, the stark contrast in the national perception of Kentucky’s basketball program makes him shake his head.

Dynasty. Cheaters. Legends. Buying championships.


It’s Not A Black Thang, It’s a Brown Thing


Moments after the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown, I received an email from a man that is among the handful of men I respect most in this world. He is a sane man. Yet, he sent me a link to Jerry Buss' contributions to political campaigns

Black Guys Drag Race Too


If it's one thing guys love, it's speed. When it comes to fast cars it gets no faster than drag racing. With speeds topping out at around 330 mph, the sport is the fastest and most dangerous of all auto racing. What you may not know is th

The Battleground: Undecided


“I’m 26, I have a bachelor’s degree, I have a master’s degree, I’ve been to Japan. I’ve been poor, I’ve been homeless, I pay for my own education, and I have a lot of debt. … I get a lot of flak fo

UCLA Coaches OD On War Paint



The UCLA Bruins did it big for homecoming this past Saturday. The players broke out fresh, new navy uniforms, and their coaches wore war paint on the sideline. We all know UCLA is a solid program that plays in the Rose Bowl, one o

The Battleground: For Obama


On November 2, 2012, four days before Election Day, President Barack Obama came to Ohio for a last hurrah tour through the central and southwest regions of The Buckeye State. A swing state that has been projected to determine the fate of the

Is Harden Ready To Carry Houston?



Call it Superstar Envy.  That would be the driving force powering outlier NBA teams like the Houston Rockets to make moves — any moves — that would land them a bonafide franchise player.  That’s a playe

NBA Preview: Central Division



CENTRAL DIVISION: The Central is home of the young and upcoming point guards of the L, even with 2011 MVP Derrick Rose on the chilling list until further notice. Kyrie Irving, Brandon Jennings and Brandon Knight a