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While You Were Working: Real Madrid Split With Jose Mourinho


Manchester United isn’t the only European football powerhouse making a managerial change. After failing to win a single trophy this season,

Kevin Durant Better Get Ready For The Guillotine


At this point, it’s best if we just start an official countdown. We’re not at 3…2…1 territory yet, but we are moving in that direction. The “Kevin Durant is the new punching bag” narrative is on the way. The ha

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Teaching Brittney Griner The Most Unblockable Shot In Hoops


There are two players that NBA teams call when they're trying to teach their big men how to score in the paint. One is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the other is Hakeem Olajuwon. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is almost 70 years old, and he may still have bette

Kevin Durant’s Hero Ball Fell Short Against The Grizzlies Henchmen


Kevin Durant tried to play hero ball for the fourth consecutive game, but ultimately, the Grizzlies henchmen attack tired him out. Although, Durant was able to lay-in the game-tying fingeroll Gervin-style, but Memphis outlasted him with a total tea

The Chicago “UnforgettaBulls” Have Carved Out Their Own Iconic Status


Let’s get one thing straight. Even if Derrick Rose dons a game jersey, the Chicago Bulls won’t win an NBA championship in 2013. He’s too rusty. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be iconic. The Bulls are the NBA’s

Erik Spoelstra Knows The COY Honor Is Bogus


Earlier today, George Karl was named Coach of the Year. It was well deserved. But the COY honor carries some ignominy attached to it. When asked about coming in second, this is what Erik Spoelstra had to say:

“I cong

JR Smith Won’t Attack The Basket, But He’ll Take Twitter Shots At Knicks Fans


JR Smith is a different type of dude. He’s got a quick trigger on the court, and we also know he’s not afraid to take shots at his own fans on Twitter. Smith's been off his game since he elbowed Jason Terry.

The Miami Marlins Are The Worst Team In Pro Sports, Period


The Miami Heat are the Top-Shottas of the NBA universe and bring red carpet-stability to southern Florida’s fluctuating pro sports enthusiasm.

In case you were wondering, the

Your Weekend In Tweets: 4/29/2013


Russell Westbrook became the latest star player added to the "out for the season" list. That injury has made the Western Conference a wide open race. Spurs were dominant against a defeated Lakers team, a team that was so defeated its st

This Weekend In Tweets: 4.22.13


This weekend was great for the healing of our nation after the tragedy in Boston. After a week of updates related to the terroristic bombing, we got to breathe a little. It was great to be able to focus on sporting