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LeSean McCoy Says Eagles Offense Will Be Fittest Team In The League


The Eagles have proven in recent offseasons that whether it's referring to themselves as a "

While You Were Working: 2.12.13


Derrick Rose downplayed his return, saying he will only play when he's 100 percent. How long might that be? Could be next year, could be

While You Were Working: 2.5.13


LeBron James and Dr. Dre make the cover of ESPN The Magazine's music iss

Colin Kaepernick Climbed The Ladder To Success Escalator-Style


When San Francisco 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh shelved starter Alex Smith in favor of a second- year cat from the University of Nevada (Reno), he had reporters questioning his sanity and fans asking, “Who the heck is Colin Kaepernick?”<

Report Details Difficulties for Minority Assistants


RG3 Is A Post-Racial/Millenial Brother, Not A Cornball Brother


Thursday on First Take, there was a suggestion that some in the “real black community” might view Robert Griffin III as a “cornball brother,” because of the way he talks, the race of his fiancé and his rumored polit

Roger Goodell’s Iron Fist Is Turning Into Silly Putty


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is taking L after L these days. Just years after establishing his reputation as an iron fist commissioner, shrewd businessman and strong instrument of change, the legend of Goodell’s ultimate authority has bee

Lionel Messi Sits Firmly On The Throne


Lionel Messi might not have made it in America.

At 25 years old, he is now listed at 5'7'' and 148 pounds. That alone might have been enough to keep the world's most prolific goal scorer out of action in American sports.

The Nickel: Week 13


While You Were Working: 11.29.12


Kris Humphries had a busy day yesterday. After being attacked by Rajon Rondo, Humphries took to Twitter to 1...19202122Page 20 of 22