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Color Coded


ster·e·o·type (st r - -t p , stîr -). n. 1. A conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image.

Ubiquitous comparisons of quarterbacks Cam Newton and

Mossin’ It


After the San Francisco 49ers made light work of the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football, this was Alex Smith responding to a question about the touchdown by 35-year-old football and urban legend Randy Moss:

 “I think e

Good Morning: 10.25.12




Pablo Sandoval jacked three home runs during the first game of the Wor

Good Morning: 10.12.12



Today, sports went wild for late drama with the Orioles, Nats and Titans all winning dramatically, The VP debate was aggressive, cyberstalking is no joke, new Jeezy and bonus HO

Why Has Plaxico Burress Been Chillin’ At His Crib On Sundays?


Plaxico Burress is a Super Bowl-champion wide receiver. Yet, five games into the 2012 NFL season, he is a couch potato with no job. Plax must have fallen off of t

The ‘Gate: Philly Edition



Tucked about a mile away from Lincoln Financial Field – where gridiron gladiators battle, far from the pricey parking lots – gathers a group of tailgaters who have seized a piece of land for their own like squatters th

Eagles Showed Up Last Night, Now Do It Again


The Philadelphia Eagles are the first team in NFL history to post three fourth-quarter come from behind victories in their first four games of a season (though one was against Cleveland and I doubt any real Eagle fan wants to claim that).

The Nickel: Week 3


Editor's Note:  Alright peoples, its week three. Too early to panic but late enough that most predictions need to be forced into the re-edit box. As usual we're back with a group of five talented writers, here to answer the weekend&#