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Will Smith and Jay Z Team Up for HBO Comedy


Did you ever get that strange feeling that something was going on behind the scenes? That something big was afoot? Will Smith’s career is something like an iceberg. Though the top is large, the greater part of it is hidden fr

This Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day: Queen Latifah Takes Down Will Smith...


Queen Latifah recruited Alex Trebek to host a hip-hop version on Jeorpardy on her show against Will Smith. The two competed in categories like Rappers Delight, Potent Potables, and Diddy or Didn't He? 

The competition ended in a ti

While You Were Working: Will Smith Was Kicking Soccer Balls…Horribly


Will Smith will not be appearing in a Pele biopic anytime soon.


A$AP Ferg shows off his neighborh

VIDEO: DJ Jazzy Jeff Recalls Will Smith Meeting Eminem And A Possible Return To...


DJ Jazzy Jeff takes us behind the curtains to his rise in the game, and dropped an interesting nugget about Will Smith and Eminem. The two met for the first time in Philly, and Will told Eminem, "You're either going to be the biggest flop

Kanye West And Will Smith Have Been Kicking It In The Studio


Kanye West and Will Smith are an odd pairing. One drops N-bombs on SNL and the other was one of the cleanest artists alive. While West is

Jaden Smith Is Seeking Emancipation—And Will Smith Is Okay With It


Will and Jada Smith run an unconventional household. Willow’s shaved head aside, they seem to have raised some down to earth celebrity kids with some pretty lax new-age parenting methods. Smith notoriously doesn't believe in discipline. H

Will Smith Passed Up “Django” For The Same Reason Kobe Wouldn’t Pass To Shaq


Will Smith's personality and talent have played a major role in his success, but much of his superstardom was built on a

Brittany Griner Frustrations Bubble | WNBA Stars Diana Taurasi And Skylar Diggins-Smith Have Heated...

The desert is getting hotter by the minute for the Phoenix Mercury as two of the team's stars got into a heated argument that...

Steph Curry Is The Only NBA75 Player Left In The Playoffs | Stephen A....

With the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks scheduled to begin Wednesday in San Francisco, two of the game’s...

“It Is Patrick Mahomes Who Beat Josh Allen The Last Two Years” | ESPN...

The NFL offseason is a time of trades and player movement. It’s also a time for the NFL Combine and pro days, culminating in...