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Why Trump’s Twitter Fingers Have Been Silent About The Austin Bombings


The societal ether is electrified with deceit and disregard for even the most basic ideas of human decency as a true white supremacist sullies the highest office in America with his very exi

Kendrick Lamar, Donald Trump: A Confrontation At The Heart Of America


Tonight at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the culmination of a collegiate football season will hit a fever pitch when

Trump Uses Selfless Day Of Thanksgiving To Attack Black Men & The NFL


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for the great things in our lives. 

Our family, friends, health, good luck, etc. Parts of our lives which help us and make us better. It's also a day of selfless acts, giving back to those

Donald Trump Wages War With LaVar Ball, But He’s Cool With Pedophiles


Demagoguery is one of most subversive words in the English language.  Unfortunately, it is also by this method that political pimps have operated since time immortal.  

Donald Trump has used this method to rile his respective politi

Screwing The NFL Is Donald Trump’s Real Agenda


The Presidency isn't the first respected American institution that Donald Trump has destroyed. In fact, he continues to pull his celebrity blanket over the heads of surprisingly unintelligent Americans who voted for him and then bought into his rea

Colin Kaepernick And The Power Of Sports To Transform America


Donald Trump and

Trump Attacks Kaepernick Again With More False Protest Narratives


If you've watched the news recently, you've seen the tragedies affecting our country.

Wildfires are ravaging Northern California. Puerto Rico is still devastated and victims in Las Vegas are still hurting. So instead of instilling some faith

Trump Is Now Trying To Punk The NFL With His Ignorance


Donald Trump is back at it again.

Tuesdays used to be for new music, but with the evolution of social media and the rise of Trump, it has apparently become his day for directing his ignorant Twitter venom at either one of his existing targets

NFL Teams Issue Responses To Trump’s Attacks On Their Players


Trump has never shied away from attacking people, especially on Twitter and over the last two days he's attacked many people, some of them being NFL players. 

Trump, in an attempt to fire up his base, went after Colin Kaepernick and ever