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Diddy And Steph Curry Join Ownership Group To Buy Carolina Panthers


P. Diddy has a strange way of speaking things into existence. Three months after he made his desires to be invo

Kevin Durant Can’t Win The NBA Championship Without Steph Curry


Steph Currys ankles have been his kryptonite in an otherwise unstoppable NBA career. Hes ba

Donald Trump Attacks Sports In 2017


Donald Trump came into office swinging and

Donald Trump Wages War With LaVar Ball, But He’s Cool With Pedophiles


Demagoguery is one of most subversive words in the English language.  Unfortunately, it is also by this method that political pimps have operated since time immortal.  

Donald Trump has used this method to rile his respective politi

Steph Curry Lends His Heartfelt Thoughts On America’s Divisiveness


Part of Stephen Currys popularity as an athlete is directly related to his character and his spirited, but accurate vocality when addressing social issues. Like social media, The Players Tribune provides athletes with a direct connection t

Trump Is Now Trying To Punk The NFL With His Ignorance


Donald Trump is back at it again.

Tuesdays used to be for new music, but with the evolution of social media and the rise of Trump, it has apparently become his day for directing his ignorant Twitter venom at either one of his existing targets

The NFL, Activism And Trump’s “Immaculate Deception”