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10 Things We Learned This NBA Season


For the NBA fan 25-years-old and over, 2016 is a weird year. Michael Jordan is a meme, Kobe Bryant is done wearing Purple & Gold and cats is out here dry snitching on teammates with video tapes (and not catching no types of fades).


Golden State Is Way More Than Just The Steph Curry Show


Steph Curry missed Games 2 and 3 of the Golden State Warriors'  first round playoff run against the dysfunctional Houston Rockets. Then he missed the entire second half of Sundays Game 4, a 121-94 thrashing of the Rockets.

Hero worshipe

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors Hold Down the Crown, Advance to 28-1 


The first meeting between The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors since Chef Curry and The Pot Cookers took out King James and his compromised court in the 2015 NBA Finals, resembled a poor game of H.O.R.S.E. rather than a game featuring

LeBron Is Keyser Soze, Winning With The Usual Suspects


If youve missed any of this remarkable Finals series between the Cavs and the Warriors, to quote the Korean grocer from Menace II Society, I feel sorry for your mother.

The TSL 2015 NBA Finals Preview


Its that time of year again, time for LeBron James.

For the fifth straight year, King James is in the NBA Finals, attempting to win his third NBA championship. This one would carry additional meaning as it would be the

Portland’s Rain Men Are A Dark Cloud Hovering Over Golden State’s Splash Brothers


If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around, is anybody sure if it makes a sound? Conversely, if a brush fire breaks out and nobody notices, does the damage it wreaks touch anyone? Thanks to some hot shooting that's melting rims aroun

Small In Stature, Playoff Floor Generals Are Doin’ It BIG


Like high tides, great point guards lift all boats and lead franchises safely into port--otherwise known as the NBA playoffs. Subpar floor generals or ones still adjusting to choppy NBA seas inadvertently lead their ships into icebergs. It’s

Joe Johnson’s Historic Night Courtesy of Lawrence Frank’s Daily Notes


In the month of December, Joe Johnson has seen his minutes and usage within Brooklyn's offense spike. The Nets offense is firing at all cylinders with Williams manning the point and last night Johnson was the spark. Walking onto the floor at ha

The Shadow League Top 10 NBA ’20 Draft Prospects

The virtual NBA Draft will take place on November 18th. It seems as if Melo Ball has risen to the top of the Draft...

How The OKC Thunder Closed The Window On Themselves

When Damian Lillard waved goodbye to the Oklahoma City Thunder after drilling a 37-foot three pointer in Paul George’s face to end the first...