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Richard Sherman Calls Thursday Night Games “Poopfest”


Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks will always keep it 100%, no matter who feels slighted by his honesty.

So when asked about the team's Thursday night game against the Rams this week,

NFL Ratings Are Down And Richard Sherman Knows What’s Up


Richard Sherman is a man of many talents. He balls on the field and is never afraid to show emotion. He won't back down from a confrontation and he has the intelligence to speak on just about any matter or social issue. 

This holds true

Richard Sherman Does Not Trust The NFL


Richard Sherman has never been one to pull punches, both on the field and off. He's now jumping into press coverage in calling out the NFL for not taking care of its players in his weekly video series for

Richard Sherman Is Wrong, Richard Sherman Is Forgiven


We like our sports heroes a certain way. Do we not? For many Black folks, our heroes are held to a very high standard. They have to be able to say the right thing, when we want them to say it, and exactly how we wish for them to say it.  Th

Richard Sherman Versus Darrelle Revis: Who Is Better?


Remember back when Richard Sherman first started talking about being the best cornerback in the National Football League? Before the Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos, before the media campaign against hi

Richard Sherman Has The NFL Establishment Squirming


The evolution of one Richard Sherman is an incredible phenomenon in the annals of sports and society alike. You see, Mr. S

Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin Go At The NFL In Their Own Press Conference


After seeing the NFL fine their teammate Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for not speaking with the press, fellow Seahawks Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin decided to take matters into their own hands by calling a press conference.

Addressing t

Richard Sherman Vehemently Opposes Roger Goodell’s N-Word Fooball League


Later this month, NFL owners will meet to discuss and address a litany of hot button topics that affects the NFL's upcoming season. The subject hot enough to melt the cuffs on their tailored jackets will be the N-word. 

In an

Richard Sherman Reveals How Seattle Outfoxed Peyton Manning


Contrary to football myth, quarterbacks aren't the only ones who study film vociferously. In the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, the expectation was that Peyton Manning would use that giant football brain enclosed within his enormous

VIDEO: Frank Caliendo’s One-Man Richard Sherman 30 For 30 Mockumentary


Unlike Peyton Manning, ESPN's Frank Caliendo brought his A-Game for ESPN's Super Bowl pregame to portray Mel Kiper Jr., Andy Reid, Bill Belichick. Adam Schefter, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jon Gruden in one o