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The Ray Rice Aftermath Proves We Still Have A Long Way To Go


Excuse me if I don’t care about Ray Rice’s vulnerable NFL career. I’m not ready to fast-forward past the Mike Tyson knockout he delivered to the mother of his young daughter.

After all, everyone outside of the NFL offices

Ray Rice Is A Victim…Of NFL Culture And Unrealistic Moral Standards


Let me preface everything I say for the next century concerning Ray Rice with this: Yes the scumbag should be out of the NFL for many reasons other than the fact he assaulted

New Video Reveals Rampant Rage of Ray Rice


We knew something was missing. We knew there was more. There had to be, and that truth has now been revealed. 

The sheer egregiousness of the actions of Baltimore

An Open Letter To Ray Rice: Take The Harsher Penalty



This is your chance to do the right thing, help heal the damage you have done with your actions.

Now that the NFL has adopted harsher penalties for domestic violence after your actions, you should be the first person to have to

Ray Rice and Stephen A. Smith- The Manifestation of the Hypocrisy of Sports


We all saw the video. It was clear as day.

We shook our heads as we felt our emotions swirl. There was no hiding it. He did what no man should ever do, no matter the situation.

Yet we took solace in knowing that justice would prevail, t

Keith Olbermann goes in on Ray Rice and the NFL


Veteran journalist Keith Olbermann goes off on Ray Rice and the NFL, setting the record straight on violence and the hypocrisy in sports. Click the video below to see his segment from his show on July 24th.