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Minny’s Black Leaders Gather, Growing Protests, Trump Tweets, Chauvin Charged

A gathering of Black leaders and social justice warriors and friends of George Floyd gathered in Minneapolis to vent their frustrations, speak to the...

Minnesota Protests: CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez Talks About ‘Surreal’ Arrest

Reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested on live TV by Minneapolis police while covering the George Floyd protests. Jimenez identified himself with his badge and...

Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores: “I Support The Player Protests”

Miami Dolphins' new head coach, Brian Flores, has wasted no time in setting the tone for the team. A Bill Belichick disciple, Flores understands what...

Pan American Games Become Site Of Silent Protests For Team USA Athletes

Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. This...

POTB Ep 10: NFL Protests, Aretha Franklin, And More Ft Erin Simon


#PointsOnTheBoard is a podcast where The Shadow Leagues managing editor, Kyle Harvey breaks down the top stories from sports, culture and more.

Aaron Rodgers Not Here For Bad-Faith Beefs Against Player Protests


Green Bay Packers quarterback

Shame: Miami Dolphins Implement Punishments For Future Player Protests


There is no bottom to the absurdity that comes from the NFL. On Thursday, the Miami Dolphins announced a new policy with on thei

Tom Brady Supports NFL Player Protests In Oprah Interview


Tom Brady hasnt said much about the player protests and the tug of war and honor be

“United We Stand: The Ali Summit” Draws Parallels To NFL Protests


Aside from the 50-year difference, its to draw parallels between the Ali summit and the current NFL protests.

Both consisted of promi