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More Casualties: Daniel Prude And Dijon Kizzee Latest Deaths By Police

While the world continues to mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake, the death count by police brutality continues to...

Murders By Police Officers Continue To Test The Resolve of Black America

Randy Moss’ Hall of Fame ceremony in 2018 took place during a familiar time in America. Innocent and unarmed Black men were being killed...

Black College Swimmer Has Life Threatened, Gun Pointed At Forehead By Police

"Jaylan Butler said officers threatened to blow his head off before it became clear that they mistook him for a suspect." Watching all of these...

Examining The Tragic Police Shooting And Death Of Jordan Edwards

HBO's Real Sports, through Edwards' murder, looks at the disproportionate share of unarmed black citizens killed by law enforcement in America. The most recent episode...

Black Police Group Is Not In Line With Other Cop Boycotts Of Kap


On Wednesday, the National Black Police Association wrote a letter to Nike saying that they did not agree with the National Association of Police Organizations call for them to boycott the company's product, according to

Milwaukee Bucks Anti-Cop Brutality Statement Is History In The Making


The release of a video from police body cam has been released. And, as had been alluded to by many prior to its reveal, it is quite disturbing.  The ongoing police brutali

P.K. Subban and J.T. Brown Are Being Used For Pro-Police Rhetoric


Since the initial police brutality protest during the National Anthem by Colin Kaepernick, a

Vegas Police Union Wants Michael Bennett Punished For Flag Disrespect?


The police unions of the United States have been some of the most consistently anti-black institutions since their inception.  It is almost expected that whenever there is an issue of contention between the greater black population of a munici

Michael Bennett Says Police Held Him At Gunpoint Because He Was Black


Today Seahawks' defensive end, Michael Bennertt, took to Twitter to reveal that he was held at gunpoint by the Vegas police after the Mayweather-McGregor fight.

In his tweet below, Bennett discusses how he was held down by two Las Vegas polic

Jordan Edwards: Unarmed, Innocent And Shot Dead By Police


 A long time ago, I reported on the Benton Harbor Riot of 2003.  It was set off by the police-involved killing of a black motor