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Everything You Need To Know About The Reopening of Sports In America

As the sports world tries to navigate the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and figure out ways to safely reopen, here's an update on several leagues...

Coronavirus: NCAA Bans Fans From Live March Madness Action

The Coronavirus continues to throw the sports world into unprecedented scenarios. On Tuesday, CBS and TNT suits were convinced that the NCAA would allow fans...

Grant Hill Joins NCAA Board of Governors Next Month

Hill is one of five new members added to bring some needed perspective and credibility to college athletics' governing body. Grant Hill continues to...

NCAA Against California Bill To Compensate Student Athletes For Use Of Image, Likeness

Players should get paid for use of their name, likeness and image, but the NCAA is still fighting the inevitable. A bill asserting that...

G-League’s New Rule Dooms Lavar Ball’s JBA League

The NBA jacked his idea and can assure that the checks won't bounce. The NBA's G-League has effectively ended the one-and-done in college and...

The FBI Should Have The NCAA On Trial, Not Players And Coaches


In a federal court in New York City this week, the FBI trial centering around the shady side of elite college basketball is offering a look into the black market that has surrounded the game for decades. 

It's no secret that John Wooden'

LeBron’s HBO Doc Force-feeds The NCAA Its Own Hypocrisy


LeBron James couldve been a slave. 

Or, at least, the closest thing America has to that outside of prison bars: a student-athlete. The HBO documentary Student Athlete, James executive produced mirrors the high school star turned

March Madness Is Here, And The FBI’s Hoops Probe Is Straight Up Bogus


This is undoubtedly my favorite time of year as we embark on America's greatest sporting spectacle. Nothing grips the nation - not the NBA Finals, the World Series, college football's national championship or the Super Bowl - and captures our colle

The NCAA Must Take Its Share Of Blame In The FBI Recruiting Scandal


Yahoo sports is reporting that Markelle Fultz and Dennis Smith are on the list of at least a dozen players identified in a

LaVar Ball To Launch A Basketball League For High School Grads


LaVar Ball continues to put his stamp on basketball and the entire world of sports.

He's already disrupted the college recruit