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Larry Bird, Magic Johnson And The Day That March Went Mad


March Madness was officially born on this day, March 26th, in 1979. The NCAA Tournament had already been in existence for 40 years and seen its fair share of great moments, from the John Wooden dynasty at UCLA to Bob Knights undefeated Indiana t

Larry Bird Plans A Return To His Indiana Pacers Project


The Indiana Pacers came within one game of reaching the NBA Finals this past season. In several seasons leading up to this year, Larry Bird and the Pacers crew put together a solid young core of players mixed with the godfatherly presence of D

Bird VS. ‘Nique In 1988 Is An NBA Playoffs Clash For The Ages


Thirty years ago, on May 22nd, 1988, NBA fans were blessed with what remains the greatest single game, head-to-head player battle in NBA playoff history when

TSL NBA Playoffs Throwback Attack: The Epic Battle, ‘Nique vs Bird


The greatest duels in sports become immortal when the stakes are highest. In the NBA, the most epic battles are well documented, from Russell versus Chamberlain to Bird versus Magic. But if there was only one that could be chosen ba

NBA Playoffs Greatest Moments: The Epic Battle, ‘Nique vs Bird


On May 22, 1988, an epic duel of great proportion took place on the hardwoods on the Boston Garden.  Hawks/Celtics, Nique versus Bird, Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals.  Many die-hard NBA fans wi

Instead of Adorable Kids; Magic, Bird, Kareem and Russell Appear in AT&T’s Latest “It’s...


AT&T's "It's Not Complicated" ad series has been one of the most memorable campaigns in recent memory, but they deserve a high five for swapping out those kids and hitting us with the switch by getting all those legends on t

Magic Beats Bird in Epic First Matchup


On March 26, 1979, Magic Johnson led Michigan State past Larry Bird and Indiana State for the NCAA championship. The game, watched by nearly a quarter of the country, is credited with creating the buzz surrounding the NCAA Tournament and what is

The “Bad Boys” Pistons Get Their Due


Tomorrow evening at 7:00PM, ESPN will air “Bad Boys”, a two-hour documentary about the late 1980’s Detroit Pistons.

Sandwiched between the great Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rivalry with the Celtics and the Lakers, and the eme

The Discussion of LeBron’s Mount Rushmore


LeBron James is catching a lot of wreck for leaving some exceptional names off his NBA version of Mt. Rushmore, placing Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson up there. Was he right? Why is this so much of a topic of discussi

Dolo Time For Kevin Durant


Magic Johnson and Larry Bird lived charmed lives during their pro basketball careers. The second they threw on their NBA jerseys, they were playing alongside Hall of Famers. Magic might ha