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Jon Gruden’s White Privilege Bleeds All Over His Emails | NFL Plantation Reckoning Continues

Jon Gruden made a career off being polarizing. From his famous screw faces to his passionate rants, Gruden has always been the enigmatic coach you...

‘He’s A Bad Person’ | Keyshawn Johnson Aside, Most Of Jon Gruden’s Players Stand...

After the Las Vegas Raiders’ loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the weight lay heavy head on coach Jon Gruden for more than...

Khalil Mack’s Return Against Oakland Is More Bad News For Jon Gruden

Khalil Mack had to feel disrespected last season when Jon Gruden and the Raiders decided that he was expendable.  The cost of doing business with...

Hard Knocks, Richie Incognito And The Hypocrisy of Jon Gruden

On the first episode of HBO’s "Hard Knocks", maligned offensive lineman Richie Incognito was portrayed as some kind of hero returning from war. Head...

Jon Gruden’s “Football Genius” Is Getting Exposed In Oakland


Jon Gruden's contract with the Oakland Raiders is for ten years and a whopping $100 million. Thus far, as the Raiders sit at 0-3, the wisdom behind hiring a football comment

Jon Gruden’s Raiders Look Real Suspect vs The Rams Without Khalil Mack


Questions concerning Jon Grudens ability to relate to the game and the players af

Did Marquette King’s Swag Get Him Cut By Jon Gruden?


Jon Grudens first controversial move as Raiders head coach involves

Eric Bieniemy Is A No-Brainer As Raiders Head Coach | Las Vegas Needs To...

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s name has surfaced as a candidate for almost every NFL head coach opening since 2019-20. After the Kansas...

The NFL Been A Gumbo Pot Of Toxic Masculinty And White Privilege | But...

Let's take a step back in time, before email scandals and social media outrage. George Preston Marshall and the city of Boston were awarded an...

New-Old Raiders Coach Gruden’s Hot Take On Kaepernick Sparks Debate


Now that the 2018 NFL season is in full swing, rumors about Colin Kaepernick potentially signing with a team will command headline