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The Wizards Give John Wall $207 Million Reasons To Stay Put In DC


It seemed that all of the money, and all of the best players, were heading west this NBA off-season, with ballers become multi, multi millionaires over the last two months. Then today all hell broke loose in Cleveland when word spread that the

The Clock Struck Midnight For John Wall In Game 7


In every fairy tale, science fiction and comic book book troupe, transformations are what makes some of our favorite characters more intriguing.

Dr. Jekyll turns into Mr. Hyde, David Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk and Clark Kent bec

John Wall Turned His Childhood Pain Into NBA Gain 


John Wall Jr. was the long shot. The black child in rage. The kid they called Crazy J because all he did in the streets of Raleigh, NC and on the courts of The Boys and Girls Club on West Garner Road was fight, cause trouble, commit carjackings and

NBA Swish Beats: John Wall Is Still A Flush Puppy 


The Washington Wizards are flailing at 7-13, but John Wall is having a career year, averaging a personal-best 24.1 points per game and desperately trying to infuse a spark into his struggling team every night. 

The three-time All-Star wh

John Wall gets his “Taken 3” On For Christmas


With the latest installment in the Liam Neeson "Taken" series debuting on January 9th, fans are gearing up to see Brian defend his family once again and prove that age is really just a number. But now he faces a new opponent, one with a &

Good Morning: John Wall and Nene Threw Down on the Lakers

John Wall did this on Washington's way to a five-point victory over the Lakers, adding 31 points and nine dimes, while Nene dropped 30.

John Wall Drops 40 In Kentucky Alumni Game (Video)


John Wall, former Kentucky Wildcat standout, returned to his old stomping grounds to light up Rupp Arena in the second annual UK alumni charity game. There are few things more exciting than watching Wall run the fast break. Wall drop

Good Morning: John Wall Re-Upped with Washington (Depsite Those Tattoos!)


John Wall re-signed with the Washington Wizards, earning a

John Wall Is Looking For That Steph Curry Money


John Wall and the Washington Wizards are in negotiations for a contract extension that could offer the No. 1 pick of the

John Wall Proves and Disproves the Validity of the Tattoo Stigma


It’s nearing July, meaning we don’t have too much to talk about, so 123...58Page 2 of 58