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3 Reasons Why Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Career Is Over

NFL starting quarterbacks are dropping like flies. Saints All-Pro Drew Brees is out with torn thumb ligaments, Big Ben is on the shelf for...

McGregor’s Cowboys Visit Proves Privilege Gon’ Recognize Privilege

MMA's #1 Bad Boy continues to live his best life after his post-UFC 229 choke-out. We wish we could say the same for Khabib. This...

Nike, Kaepernick: Capitalism Can Be Used As A Weapon Against the NFL


Dualism among Americans of African descent has been a subject that has garnered much thought by academics, artists, activists and authors for the entire span of our experience in the United States. Capitalism is among those things that has garnered

Jalen Ramsey’s The Ultimate Straight Shooter Taking Verbal Aim At QBs


Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has become the new motor mouth of the NFL, and no matter the consequences hes going to keep saying whatever comes to his mind regardless of who the target is. 

Freshly blessed with a one-week suspension fo

Jalen Ramsey Won’t Be Shutting His Mouth Anytime Soon


Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback

The NFL Can’t Keep Its Story Straight About Why Kaep’s Not On A Roster


Whats the safest way to avoid culpability in a Colin Kaepernick collusion case after months of saying Kaepernick wasn't lit en

How Long Will Kaep’s Allies Be Without Jobs?


Owners continue to slide down the slope of indecency and attack African-American players who were either vocal or instrumental in the NFL anthem protests sparked by former San Francisco 49ers QB

Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Case To Center On Donald Trump


Colin Kaepernicks case against the NFL for collusion will be very difficult to prove, according to many legal experts. However, according to

No Changes To Anthem Policy After NFL Owners Meeting


Today, after a lengthy three hour meeting, the NFL and its owners left the League's policy regarding the anthem unchanged.

Is Kaepernick Unemployment Coincidence or Collusion? Courts to Decide


Whats the difference between an anomaly, a coincidence and a pattern? As the Earth revolves around its sun, which revolves around the center of the Milky Way, which itself revolves around the center of the universe, we see how the unseen tendrils o