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Isiah Thomas Backs The Big O, But Gives Curry His Props


Steph Currys two-year run of shooting brilliance and the unprecedented success of his Golden State Warriors team has elevated him into the various  greatest ever conversations, which are the driving force behind 90 percent of basketball discus

Isiah Thomas Dissed Again


ESPN is famous for putting out Top 10 lists, especially during slow news cycles.

We get it. It's usually fun and harmless. After all, sports isn't math. In math, 2 + 2 = 4, no matter who is doing the counting. In sports, opinions are often

The Diary of Isiah Thomas, Part III


In case you missed the first two installments, check out Part I and

The Diary of Isiah Thomas, Part II


Read "The Diary of Isiah Thomas, Part I" here.


The Diary of Isiah Thomas, Part I


Part I of a three-part series on J.R. Gamble's sit down with Isiah Thomas

Theres a reason why the Hall of Fame point guard-turned-industry mogul and TV analyst keeps boosting his net worth. Why he keeps embracing t

A Father’s Day Thank You From Joshua To Isiah Thomas


Be a father, if not, why bother son

A boy can make em, but a man can raise one.

In 1991 Ed O.G. said these words in his song Be a Father to your Child. As we get ready to celebrate Fathers Day on

Isiah Thomas For President


When the announcement was made yesterday that Isiah Thomas was coming back to Madison Square Garden to become the President of the New York Liberty, while also being awarded an ownership interest in the WNBA franchise, the majority of the nation

TSL BIG DANCE THROWBACK ATTACK: Tourney Titans – Isiah Thomas


In March of 1981, Isiah Thomas announced himself as a force to be reckoned with to the casual hoops fan. But to the hardcore among us, we had long heard the whispers about the kid from The Windy City who was known as “The Baby-Faced Assassin.

The Epic Battle of Bernard King vs Isiah Thomas


During the 1983-84 NBA season, two of the game’s biggest stars, New York’s Bernard King and Detroit’s Isiah Thomas, had no idea that come playoff time, they were destined for history in one of the league's all time great pla

TSL Q & A: Isiah Thomas


Isiah Thomas’ eyes served as his built-in GPS system, strategically roaming St. Sabina Church until he had systematically mapped out the whereabouts of every single gang member who’d dared to attend his and Rev. Michael Pfleger’