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Red Bull: Why Street Dancing Is The Rhythm Of The South

Dance styles are moving landmarks from regions all over the world. Someone wearing a Memphis Grizzlies jersey could simply be a fan of the...

Kanye West’s Apology Doesn’t Stand Up Under Scrutiny


Kanye M-F-N West is in the news once again for being a narcissistic, clueless celebrity with delusions of transcendent thought.

While appearing on

In Case You Were Wondering, Bill Russell STILL Doesn’t Give AF


Bill Russell has been not giving AF since his days in the '50s and '60s as the big, bold, tal

Hope And The Hardwood: New Orleans, Race And Basketball


With the New Orleans Pelicans making their 2018 playoff run, including a shocking sweep of the

How Saints Owner Tom Benson Turned The Bayou Into Who Dat Nation


That classic scene of Saints owner Thomas Milton Benton Jr. dancing on the field, pointing his fingers in the air and wailing his arms and then hitting the shimmy with the umbrella  -- straight Bayou style -- is forever etched in the memories

Remember When Manny Paquiao Got Debo’d By Juan Manuel Marquez?


Five years ago today, something epic happened that broke the internet in ways that are unimaginable. Sacrilegious to tell the truth and the way that popular culture is set up, we are still seeing glimpses of this today.

It was a boxing match

The Sports World Is Stepping Up To Help Houston


Everyone across the country is stepping in to help out the city of Houston after being battered by Hurricane Harvey, and that includes players, teams and leagues from across the world of sports.

The NBA and NBAPA announced that they would be

Confederate Monuments Are Nationwide Pox On Democracy


On April 29, 1862, the city of New Orleans surrendered to the Union Army. At the time, New Orleans was the heart of the Confederate economy, comprising half of it's total income with cotton, tobacco and sugar; all picked by the hands of enslaved

Byron Scott Ain’t As Bad As People Think


Can a brother get a break? According to the Los Angeles Lakers, the answer is a resounding no.  Two-year Lakers head coach Byron Scott was fired on Monday after finishing with a record of 17-65.   Scotts combined record through a