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TSL Black History Month In Focus: 5 Most Underrated Black MLB Sluggers


This is part of The Shadow League's Black History Month In Focus series celebrating Black exc

My Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot


On Wednesday, the Baseball Writers Association of America Hall of Fame voting results will be announced.

And normally, there's at least one sure thing or even two. Last year, there was no debate that Ken Griffey, Jr. was a lock to make it

Rob Parker’s Baseball Hall Of Fame Ballot


On Wednesday, brothers who love and follow baseball will be both happy and sad.

The Baseball Writers Association of America Hall of Fame voting results will be announced and one thing you can count on is that Ken Griffey Jr. will be a lock

Aroldis Chapman Is MLB’s Fastest Fireman Tossing In Real NY Time 


Back in the golden days AKA "The Derek Jeter Era," when King George Steinbrenner ruled the Bronx, the Yankees were known for making tsunami-splash trades and nabbing the most coveted free agents off the market.

They were also known for taking

The Culturing Of Baseball, Part II


Sooner than later, baseball fans, like most Americans, will have to learn how to roll their Rs in order to keep up the games influx of players from Latin America.

The comments made two weeks ago by San Diego Padres pitcher Bud Norris arent an

A Baseball Hall Of Fame Voter’s Ballot: Who Should Be In And Why


Without question, it's my most-prized possession - the privilege to vote players into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

On Tuesday at 2 p.m., the Hall of Fame will announce the results of the annual Baseball Writers' Association of America

The Race Debate In Pro Sports Inspires Jealousy, Mistrust And Shots At Historically Easy Targets


Thanks to Donald Sterling and TMZ's unintended partnership, and the way it flipped the NBA upside down for a couple of days, race has once again moved to the forefront of conversations concerning spo

Donald Sterling G-Checking His High-Priced Princess Has Nothing To Do With Racism


Donald Sterling ain’t wilding. Y'all just can’t handle the truth. It’s like every time somebody wants to keep it real, if they are not admitting to being gay, then the politically correct brigade

Albert Pujols’ 500-Homer Chase Is A Bore, But That’s Baseball’s Fault


The Steroids Era is considered over, but its lasting negative effects on the way today’s MLB stars are perceived, make Albert Pujols’ “Road to 500” much less anticipated and celebrated than it s

MLB HOF Voting Is Straight Suspect 


The recent Hall of Fame elections of legendary managers Joe Torre, Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox is a fitting culmination to auspicious careers