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John Singleton To Be Taken Off Life Support Today

The director had been in a coma after suffering from a major stroke. Heartbreaking news to reporting this morning. After conflicting reports surrounding director John Singleton,...

Players Defend “Last Chance U” Coach’s Hitler Remarks

Jason Brown's poor choice of referencing Hitler in a text to a player has spelled the controversial end of another career. Independence Community College football...

“Can You Count, Suckas!”: Celebrating 40 Years of “The Warriors” And The New York...

"The Warriors" remains a cult phenom and a tribute to the New York that raised me. “Can you dig it?!” With those four words, Cyrus and...

The Blackness Of The “Us” Trailer Shouldn’t Be Seen Through A Racist Lens

The trailer for "Us" is raising a lot of questions. Jordan Peele's gifted the world with his second macabre vision from Monkey Paw Productions with...

Jim Brown Still Doesn’t Understand, It’s Not An Anthem Protest


Back when it was first revealed that Jim Brown, who along with Muhammad Ali was the face of activism in among professional athletes for years, was a supporter of

Golf, Politics And Privilege


There is a great deal of irony that I am speaking with you tonight because when I earned my tour card 16 years ago on the LPGA I was told theres only two things you dont talk about in public: faith and politics. Well tonight, Im prepared to violate

Common Comes Aboard For A Cooley High Remix 


Sometimes, pieces of art and culture become sacred.  There are but a few cultural offerings that are held in as esteemed a regard as Cooley High. Initially released in 1975 and set on Chicago's South Side, Cooley High starred Glynn Turman and

Hollywood Writer Radha Blank: From A Bronx Kid To Empire And Beyond


Brooklyn born Radha Blank is reveling in the fact that she is now living in Los Angeles and participating in all of the Hollywood fanfare, including most recently the Golden Globe awards where Matthew Weiner,

After 20 Years, We Still Look Forward To “Friday”


Everyone looks forward to Friday for their own reasons. Its the end of the work week, its a great night to go out and its a great day to take off to start a long three day weekend. For Craig Jones, Fri

Josh Gordon Calls Out Charles Barkley And Others In An Open Letter


Josh Gordon has decided to set the record straight. The gifted Cleveland Browns wide receiver, whose NFL suspensions thus far have overshadowed his superfluous talent during his three professional seasons, was recently suspended f