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Report: Bills LeSean McCoy Accused Of Domestic Violence


Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has been accused o

Domestic Violence Expert’s Resignation Damages The NFL’s Credibility


Deborah Epstein, one of the foremost advocates on domestic violence in the United States, has resigned from the

Indiana Bans Ballers With Sexual Or Domestic Violence Issues


With the spotlight recently on the cesspool at Baylor, and how the university,

Major League Baseball Won’t Tolerate Domestic Violence


Major League Baseball is proving that its willing to go above and beyond the legalities of the system and impose punishments that it personally deems fit for players involved in domestic violence situations. While NFL football is still criticized f

Trent Richardson Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge


After a great rookie year in the NFL for Trent Richardson, everything went downhill in a hurry.

The former Alabama star hasn't had much luck since being released after the 2014 season by the Colts, and today it was announced that Richardson h

Ezekiel Elliott Tainted By Domestic Violence Allegations


Newly drafted Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot has been getting plenty of attention lately, mostly positive. But that could change very quickly.

His jersey and apparel sales are through the roof, some are saying that he's the next

Jose Reyes Is The First Player Suspended Under MLB’s Domestic Violence Policy 


When Ray Rice was captured on video punching his wife in the face in an elevator in 2014, the dialogue, activism an