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Damian Lillard’s All-Star Snub A Product of Portland


When the starters for the NBA's 67th All-Star Game were announced,

Damian Lillard And CJ McCollum Are Blazing Towards The Future


When discussing current NBA backcourts, thoughts immediately turn to the Splash brothers, and rightfully so. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are NBA Champions and two of the best guards in the game, especially when it comes to scoring and the art of

Chris Paul And Damian Lillard Don’t Make The All-Star Cut


LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul is a future Hall of Famer, but 17.5 points per game and 9.7 assists -- both below his career averages of 18.7 ppg and 9.9 apg -- doesn't make him an All-star this season. Especially in the West, where Steph Curry,

Damian Lillard Releases His First Hip Hop Album 


Portland Trail Blazers and All-NBA point guard Damian Lillard released his first rap album today titled "The Letter O.

Ripping up the music scene over social media the past several years, Lillard launched the Instagram freestyle rap challe

Damian Lillard Is On The Warpath


Damian Lilliard has found himself in quite a pickle over the past few years.  The former Rookie of the Year is among the very best point guards in the National Basketball Association. However, because he is playing the Western Conference ag

Damian Lillard reminds the Warriors, and the World, that he’s an All-Star


Everyone knows the NBA All-Star voting process has been flawed for a long time, enabling worthy players to be snubbed in favor of popular players. Last night we were shown another example of how flawed it is.

Trailblazers' star guard, Damian

Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Kimmel and the tale of Bobby Butter. Footlocker does...


Foot Locker has been giving us some of the funniest ads around; from Damian Lillard putting his foot in his mouth around Karl Malone and Barry Sanders to Manny Pacquiao getting excited because "he" was going to fight "him."

Well Damian is bac

Damian Lillard Drops Dimes And Verses, Staking His Claim As The NBA’s Best MC


Damian Lillard dropped by "Sway in the Morning" on Sirius XM during All Star Weekend to show that not only is he one of the best guards in the league, but that he is the best RAPPER in the league. We know what you're thinking, anothe

VIDEO: Damian Lillard’s Trey Advances Trail Blazers, Ends Rockets Season


Few men can say they’ve hit NBA playoff buzzer-beating game-winners. Even fewer have drained series ending playoff buzzer beaters. Those plays are usually reserved for March Madness and Cinderellas, not professionals in The Association.

Good Morning: Damian Lillard Made Sure People Got The Message With Another Game-Winner


Damian Lillard hit his second game-winner in a row, this time knocking off the Cleveland Cavs, 119-116. You can check both daggers in this video.