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The Cavs Championship, Cleveland’s Release, My Joy


CLEVELAND, Ohio - I wasn't born a Cleveland sports fan.  It is something I became. Over time.   

I was a college hoops fan, raised by Chicago Bulls fans. But a move to Northeast Ohio when I was young and an opport

Bomani Jones And His Cleveland Caucasians Shirt Are Genius


"You can get along very well in this world by simply coming up with a quantity of reasonably valid statements." - B. F. Skinner

The people of the world are all infected with an unavoidable myopia when examining certain things.

LeBron James Rises: Cleveland’s Dark Knight Returns


Four years ago, LeBron James was criticized for his inability to close in close games or deep into the playoffs. Those questions still persist in faint whispers from loons on the fringe, but maybe they were partially right. James never could s

The Cleveland Browns Are Even Worse At Tanking


Did you see those Cleveland Browns fans after their win over the Vikings? They were celebrating. I'm not sure what that's all about. So caught up in the euphoria of their first win, that they don't even realize it may have been a pyrrhi

Cleveland Hires Francona To Help Them Break The “Curse Of Bill Veek”



The Cleveland Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948. Just call it the “

Roger Goodell Does Not Anticipate Changing The Redskins Name


The Cleveland Indians are finally making cultural progress and moving into the 21st century by chucking their Indian logo and admitting that it is offensive to Native Americans. In the case of the Washington Redskins, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

DiDi Gregorius And Joe Girardi Emerge From Looming Shadows In ALDS Win


People will point to the Cleveland Indians extensive catalogue of postseason failure as the reason why the Yankees beat 12 percent odds, won three games in a row including a decisive Game 5, shocked the baseball world and advanced to the American L

This Day In Sports: Eddie Murray Sets Record for Switch-Hit Homers In A Game


Switch-hitting is a craft that few MLB players have mastered and on this day in 1994, Hall of Famer Eddie Murray set the record for switch-hit HRs in a game with 11. Murray was playing on the Cleveland Indians and in the twilight of an illustrious

The National Pastime Is Alive And Well


MLB still has its national pastime muscles.

It flexed them in the World Series TV ratings. The Chicago Cubs-Cleveland Indians seven-game series was a win-win for MLB and Fox.

Game 7 of the World Series Wednesday night - an 8-7, 10-i

Fall Classic Headed to Dramatic Finish


For sure, Cleveland Indians fans don't want to read this.

Turn away. Put on a rerun of Jerry Springer.

But the rest of MLB America, pull this column close. Pour yourself a cold drink. This will be music to your ears.

The Chica