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Von Miller Strong Arms Denver And Changes The Game


The year 2016 will be forever known as a game changer in professional team sports. It will be historically documented as the moment when players in the major sports finally GOT IT!

They finally started grasping how the dynamics of supply and

Aroldis Chapman Is MLB’s Fastest Fireman Tossing In Real NY Time 


Back in the golden days AKA "The Derek Jeter Era," when King George Steinbrenner ruled the Bronx, the Yankees were known for making tsunami-splash trades and nabbing the most coveted free agents off the market.

They were also known for taking

TSL High Heat: The Rainmaker 


The Rainmaker

Granderson never grandstands, he just slams hands, spreads the words of a wise man and encouraging veteran.

Never seeking praise but always speaking for the brigade, hes truly blossomed and come

The “D-Train” Is On His George Foreman Shizzle


The Hall of Fame Game Is Bitter Sweet And Confusing As Heck For Baseball...


Anyone who grew up watching Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza and Mark McGwire play baseball – meaning your childhood baseball peak coincided with their most productive and dynamic years – can thank the BBWAA, Bu

Tony LaRussa and The MLB Hall Of Fame Asterisk


Tony La Russa had a chance to stop the madness, put clarity on steroids and the Hall of Fame.

Instead of a rambling speech, naming friends and telling stories about his years gone by in baseball, La Russa could have delivered a speech all o

Bryce Harper Is In The RG3 Zone  


Bryce Harper still has the swag and arrogance that made him the highest-touted MLB prospect since Ken Griffey Jr.