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The Leaves From Singleton’s Black Cinema Tree Are Still Bearing Fruit

Singleton didn’t just tell our stories, he turned some of our best talents into household names. John Singleton is no longer with us. However, there...

Black Directors Are Leading The Charge To Diversify Hollywood

Black creatives are controlling the content and storylines of projects by, about and celebrating black folks, but more needs to be done ASAP. "Dreams are...

Black Panther Snags 2 SAG Awards With Eyes On Winning Oscar Gold

Black Panther was predicted to be a cultural windfall for black content in the mainstream and an Oscar would be a worthy crown to...

Anthony Davis And The NBA’s Emerging Black Power Structure

The league's power brokers are lining up Anthony Davis and introducing folks to how business will be conducted by the NBA's new Black power...

The Top Culture-Shifting Black Films Of 2018

2018 was the best year in Black movie history from a revenue perspective, and that's likely because black folks are being allowed to tell...

Black Panther, Beale Street Earn Golden Globe Nominations For Best Picture

Several black actors, actresses, and directors were nominated. Nominations for the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards were announced Thursday morning.  The list contained several notable blacks...

Cardi B, Black Panther Women Among EW’s 2018 Entertainers Of The Year

Entertainment Weekly's honor is the latest accolade for the cast of the blockbuster movie and the platinum rapper.  Cardi B's had a meteoric rise from stripper, reality...

The Dualism Of Veterans Day For Black Soldiers

Fighting for freedom abroad, but still facing racism at home.   As with much of the African-American experience when it comes into contact with the mainstream,...
Cast Tales from the hood

Halloween Chills: Four Black Horror Movie Villains Who Had Us Shook

These Black films danced around the dimensions of reality with reckless abandon. This time of year everyone likes to dress up as things that bump...

Ava DuVernay, “The Hate U Give” Cast Talk Code-Switching In Black Life

The ensemble cast and respected director discuss the ins and outs of a film some are already calling Oscar-worthy. At this point, director Ava DuVernay...