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The Media Polarization of Black Athletes


The UCLA Bruins lost to the Kentucky Wildcats by 11 points in the Sweet 16, ending their college basketball season. But you wouldnt know that if you were watching your favorite sports show on mute. Other than DeAaron Fox of the Wildcats, the person

The 25 Most Influential Black Athletes Ever


Black athletes are not only some of the greatest athletes in sports history, they're also some of the most influential people in the world period. 

They were game changers, civil rights leaders, influencers and outsiders. Yet they all ma

Black Athlete Activism Comes Alive At The ESPY’s


Martin Luther King, Jr said he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.  

Hearkening back to the legacies

An Open Letter to Black Athletes


To: All Black Athletes

From: Rob Parker

Re: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is gone, but will never be forgotten.

In a world of phony sports legends and so-called icons, Ali was the real

For Dez Clark And Retired Black Athletes, Sports And Money Don’t Shield Them From Racism


Recently, weve seen that even affluent current and retired Black  professional athletes arent removed from things that continue to have a polarizing effect in our country.

Remember when former Duke guard Nolan Smith tweeted about how a

The Modern Black Athlete And Today’s Media


NBA All-Star Kevin Durant recently took a page out Marshawn Lynchs book on how to deal with the media.

The soon to be free agent didnt hold back when letting media members at the NBA&nbs

Black Athletes Weather Media Hate Storm To Bring Light To Travesties


For years communities of people of African descent across the globe have wished that our million dollar athletes would become more socially active and emerge as a voice for voiceless. While some of these 

Black Athletes Are Speaking Up, Just Not The Ones We Want To Hear From


At one time, the United States of America was vehemently opposed to discussing anything concerning race in America. Flash forward to the present and we find that everyone has an opinion about race. Back in 2008, P

Dear Professional Black Athlete


Or perhaps I should say, dear brother athlete? You should know you are kindred to your community not simply from a genetic perspective but a socio-economic aspect as well. Do you recall when you were a child playing the game? You most certainly rem

The Modern Black Athlete Archetype Has Changed, But Tiger Woods Has Not


Tiger Woods’ return to the congratulatory glare of a halogen-powered spotlight isn’t surprising. Despite how dire things may have looked a few years ago, his comeback was easily predicted. You get more than one shot in America. Look a