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Murders By Police Officers Continue To Test The Resolve of Black America

Randy Moss’ Hall of Fame ceremony in 2018 took place during a familiar time in America. Innocent and unarmed Black men were being killed...

Baseball Continues To Balk On Black America

Does America's Pastime even want anything to do with us? I was always taught to never go places I wasn’t invited. And right now, it sure...

Black History Month In Focus: Super Bowl LIII Exposed A Tale Of Two Black...

History-making entertainers of color had a decision to make revealing two Americas. This year, Super Bowl LIII was the most polarizing sports moment in America. As one of the world's...

Once Again, The American “Just Us” System Fails Black America


What's been the case in the United States for centuries, a black man was gunned down by policemen who claim they feared for their lives will see no posthumous justice. Yesterday, Baton Rouge District Attorneys office announced that the officers inv

One Year After Eric Garner’s Death And Black America Still Can’t Breathe


The labored breathing of black America has grown more intense since the state-sanctioned choke hold death of 43-year-old Eric Garner last summer on Staten Island, N.Y. You can feel itchests seizing, eyes watering, in-out, in-outas it

“Gladiator” Celebrates 15 Years And Still Holds A Great Connection For Black America


Are you not entertained?! Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?!

Urban millennials might identify these words with Jay Zs What more can I say, but movie fans will recogni

Black America Is Getting Robbed By For-Profit Universities


Student debt has been growing rapidly in America as college degrees become more important for getting jobs and escaping poverty. As a result, for-profit universities have jacked tuition rates and abuse supply-and-demand, which shouldn't belong

Photos Surface of Kanye’s Possible Album ‘Rich Black American’


Is Kanye West ready to release his next project? It's possible, according to a screenshot floating around the interwebs, that the leg-work of his solo album, entitled

Doug Williams, Black America, and Disney World


Where were you? I was in my basement, pacing in front of a huge, old-school big-screen TV. Twenty-five years ago there was no hi-def, no flat screens. But on that day, there was Super Bowl XXIII.

And, there was Doug Williams.


NFL Exec Bobby Grier Has Two Sons That Run Franchises in Two Of The...

According to multiple reports, Mike Grier will be named general manager of the San Jose Sharks, becoming the first Black man in NHL history to hold...