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NBPA’s Michele Roberts Wants Players To Know That The Future Is Theirs

The rise of NBA player profits, empowerment, widespread entrepreneurship and the use of leverage in forcing trades and building Super Teams can be attributed...

NBPA’s Michele Roberts Voted Forbes’ Most Powerful Woman In Sports


With so many women rising to power, influencing the future of the pro sports and changing the face of an industry that was once dominated by men in the boardroom, a list such as

NBA Player’s Union To Fund Health Care For Retired Ballers


The National Basketball Players Association continues to lead the charge in the Conscious Players Movement.

On Wednesday, The NBAs new Dream Team, NBPA Prez Chris Paul and

TSL’s Top 10 Stories of 2015 Highlighting Women In Sports


TSL has continued to bring much deserved attention to the accomplishments of game-changing women in sports, entertainment and pop culture. Here are 10 of my top stories featuring the conquests, culturally- impactful swag and historic ac

Michele Roberts And The NBPA Is Taking No Shorts …Period 


The NBA is a billion dollar entity with a product that is comprised of mostly black players. The NHL and MLB are predominantly white. How come the NBA is the only league in which those players are forced through a rigid pipeline that flows

Michelle Roberts Becomes First Female Chief of NBPA, Jerry Stackhouse Disapproves of Process


While the NFL is battling the perception that the league doesn't take violence against women seriously enough, the NBA is breaking gender barriers. On Tuesday, the NBA players union named Michelle Roberts as its Executive Director, making

LeBron James Is The NBA’s $alary Capped Crusader


"I'm going to show the people of Gotham that the city doesn't belong to

Gone Fishin’: Derek Fisher Is Play-Doh Coach The Zen Master Reeled Into New York


Phil Jackson wasn’t going to try and fit a square into a Triangle hole. On Monday afternoon, he found his malleable Play-Doh head coach in veteran Derek Fisher.

The 11-time champion lost one like Lauryn Hill when his original catch un

An Open Letter to NBA Players


To All NBA Players,

NBA commissioner Adam Silver must be stopped.

His idea to increase the age for draft eligibility is just p

NBPA Prez Chris Paul Has Another Fractured Organization To Heal


Chris Paul is quickly becoming the go-to lifeguard for drowning NBA entities. Two years ago, he arrived in Los Angeles as the force expected to save the league’s most moribund franchise from self-inflicted injuries. The Clippers had been gush